BeHeard Mile High


Our voices matter.


One thing we prioritize greatly at BeHeard Mile High is keeping African American community members updated and informed on what our unified voices are saying. For instance, how do we feel about our access to fresh produce within our respective neighborhoods and communities? What experiences do we share in the hospital setting when interacting with nurses and doctors? And what is our housing situation and neighborhood conditions like? Find what others in your neighborhoods and communities have to say in the following links.

As more people complete our surveys over time, we become a more consolidated body of voices, effectively strengthening our efforts to be heard. This is why your voice is crucial. Check in to find monthly updates on what our communities are saying, then add to our growing body of voices by taking a survey as frequently as you wish. The more you contribute, the more we are heard!


Survey Demographics

Our 2017 Annual Report is complete! This year has been a tremendous success, and our momentum is strong. Over the course of the year we recruited over 800 individuals to join the movement, attended a variety of community events to promote our work, convened a diverse array of experts and leaders to inform our efforts, and presented our success at professional meetings and conferences. As we round the year to 2018 we are passionate to continue our success and explore the utilization of data in advocacy work, partnerships with community organizations to collect additional relevant and timely data, and optimize recruitment efforts. 

Last Updated: March 2018


Thank you to everyone who completed our survey regarding Affordable Fares with RTD! We were able to communicate our findings to community partners on the Pass Program Study Committee. We will continue to keep you updated on the many successful uses of BeHeardMileHigh to make Metro Denver the City we all deserve.  

Last updated: March 2018




We have distributed surveys on physical, oral, and mental health. Please check back soon to see our findings!


Last Updated: March 2018


We have distributed surveys on community cohesion and housing. Please check back soon to see our results!


Last Updated: March 2018